20140715 YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power In Singapore Donation Drive – NOW OPEN!


Hey Blackjacks!

How are you coping with your post AON feels? We would like to thank you again for making our fan events successful for both 2NE1 and Blackjacks! Want to read up on what we have done for 2NE1 for All Or Nothing in SG? Check out: http://wp.me/P3hEZz-m7

As One Production has confirmed, we will be having YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power In Singapore on 13 September 2014 (SAT) and 14 September 2014 (SUN)! This will be the ONLY show in Southeast Asia, the first ever YG Family Concert in Singapore!

With that in mind, Singapore Blackjack Crew is currently preparing our fan projects and events to get ready for both 2NE1 and YG Family for the concert, and we need your help!

Not only for the event, we will also be giving the girls tokens of gestures from local fans to welcome them back! We are opening up this donation drive to raise funds for 2NE1 events and YG Family events, all donations will start from SGD$5 and above!

For the local fans (be it whatever fandom you come from, we are YG Family!) that are interested to help out, please transfer the money to us at POSB Savings 110-24778-8 or Paypal to cassandrang96@hotmail.com and comment under this post with this format:

Your Name:
Twitter Account (If Any):
Donation Amount:
Your Bank Account Number (if you’re doing bank transfer):
PayPal Name (if you’re doing via Paypal):
Date & Time Transferred:
Reference Number:
Your iBanking Name (if you’re doing iBanking):

International donors welcomed! Any amount will be much appreciated! It’s ALL OR NOTHING. If we’re doing it, let’s all give in our all, our best, our everything for 2NE1 and YG Family! Please help us out to make YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power In Singapore a big success!

**For all donors who contributed for the concert, we had prepared a special fanpack filled with lovely YG fan goodies, FROM US TO YOU! ;)