20141123 SGBJCREW >>> Universal Studios Singapore!

3478_10151235604004690_1216923172_nHey Blackjacks!

Do you love theme parks as much as we do? As we are reaching our 2nd year milestone, we have decided to go to visit the #1 fun place in Singapore for a day off! It’s a chance for you to act all touristy with fellow Blackjacks, to nolja with the Madagascar characters, to scream in roller coaster rides to release your pent up feels,  etc etc etc!

Place: Universal Studios Singapore [Harbourfront MRT {Purple & Circle Line}]
Date: 20th December 2014, Saturday
Time: Meet outside USS at 9:30am, or MRT at 9am.

We should be able to clear all the rides and shows if we play the park strategically and have free time for photo taking, enjoy the shows and all if no one shows up late!

Please bring sufficient cash for your ticket [Optional if you are already an annual pass holder], lunch money and additional cash if you wanna get souvenirs from the retail shops as a memento! Bring your own poncho or extra clothes in case you get wet from Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure!

To sign up, please complete the following form:

We hope to see you there!!!121202 bf4e1b1818d257b6f7c949b0a394aec3_33021674_10151235604184690_149938325_n10693656_321414368030225_1517062770_n  bxogdjmcqaazqpqa9gi4ddceaanvne